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Achieve Better Mixes

With MNM's Detailed Mixing Guidebook

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You'll Learn My 5-Step Mixing Workflow & So Much More...

1. Prepare, Organize, Route

You'll learn how to setup the mixing session and set yourself up for success before you ever start mixing.

2. Get The Initial Balance

You'll learn the importance of the initial balance and the mindset to make the most out of the song you're mixing.

3. Process & Refine

You'll learn the bulk of mixing and how to process the tracks within the mix with EQ, compression, saturation, delay, reverb and more.

4. Automation & Special Effects

You'll learn how automation will make or break a mix and what to focus on to make your mixes more dynamic and exciting.

5. Mix Finalization

You'll learn the steps and thought processes involved in getting your mixes done and out into the world.